CHILDREN: Unfortunately we do not allow children at Aramaga Rift Valley lodge, unless they have exclusive use of the lodge.

CLIMATE: The ‘long’ rains arrive in April – June and ‘short’ rains fall in October – November. Hottest times tend to be March and October. Please remember that seasons are changing constantly in the world and are no longer predictable!

WARM WEATHER: The sun’s rays can be very strong so close to the equator and can burn pale skin on even cloudy days. Protective clothing and good quality sunscreen is hard to find in Uganda, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen!

COLD WEATHER: Though our lodge is only a few km or miles from the equator, we are situated at an altitude of 1600 meters (feet). This means that while the days can be quite warm, nights can cool off quickly

TEMPERATURES: Temperatures at the lodge range from around 17°C (62°F) to 30°C (86°F)

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT & ATTIRE: We recommend you pack for comfort. Sun protection and walking shoes are essential. Cameras and bincolars are also great items for the lodge or while you are out on safari. The Great Rift Valley can get cold at night and in the early mornings so we recommend you dress in layers.

MALARIA: Though less prevalent here compared to many places, there is malaria in the region and you should contact your travel health specialist prior to departure and take the necessary precautions.

AIRSTRIP: Nearest schedule strip is Saaka airstrip which is 5km or just 10 minutes away from the lodge.

ACCESS: The nearest and best airstrip for Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge is Saaka Airstrip. Private charter flights can be arranged from Entebbe International airport and airstrips in Uganda.

Unless they are on a longer, overland tour of Africa, most tourists arrive at Uganda’s Entebbe Airport. From there, transportation can be arranged all the way to the lodge. Depending on the time of arrival, guests may wish to stay a night in the capital city, Kampala, before heading 290km (180 miles) west to the town of Fort Portal. Once out of Kampala’s traffic however, it generally takes about 4 hours to get to Fort Portal and another 15-20 minutes to get to the Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge


Voltage: 220V

Outlet: Square 3 pin and round 2 pin.

Communication: AIRTEL mobile phone service |Wi-Fi available.