The Lodge

The Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge was established in 2020 and is situated 10 kilometers west of Fort Portal in western Uganda. The lodge features a unique and visionary design that embraces stunning views over the Rwenzori Mountains, the Semliki Wildlife Reserve, the Blue Mountains of the DRC, and Lake Albert.

Located on a ridge of the Great Rift Valley, the architecture of the Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge features exclusive ‘Space Pods’ with 120-degree panorama windows offering 80-kilometer views of the surrounding countryside. With easy access to the nearby Semliki and Kibale National Parks, chimp tracking and day tours to major natural
attractions in this region are available to book with your stay at our lodge.

The Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge aims to achieve and maintain an eco-friendly low carbon footprint, was built utilizing locally sourced materials, and operates to over 80% with renewable energy, such as solar-powered hot water and electrical systems.

The Space Pods

Designed to provide a 120-degree view of the Rwenzori Mountains and the Semliki Wildlife Reserve in the open country below the ridge, our sleeping pods often appear to float in space. That is especially apparent at night when – thanks to low air and light pollution – they provide a 5-million-star view. A telescope is available on the observatory deck for a closer look at some of these star systems. In addition, we installed bathtubs on the rooftop of each pod so guests can enjoy a relaxing soak while entertaining the incredible views of the wide-open landscapes below the ridge.

Five of the pods are double rooms with the possibility of single occupancy. They are equipped with a French double bed, bathroom with shower, wardrobe, a bench, and a desk. ‘Moonshot’ is our largest pod with two beds – one king-size and one single – and with more room to sit and relax. All our pods have a bathtub on the rooftop offering hot or cold water and are fitted with shelf areas to serve drinks and food

The Restaurant

The Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge can host a maximum of 12 to 14 guests to ensure we can accommodate a fair variety of cuisine and wishes. Our restaurant offers healthy local foods beautifully prepared by our head chef. The main restaurant comes in two wings, one on the left and the other on the right side of the main building. In addition, meals are also served in the lounge, the observatory, and at the poolside. And our room service includes a facility to serve meals at the rooftop bathtub. In addition, guests have the opportunity to book our popular ‘all inclusive’ option, which is based on a full-board meal plan that also includes unlimited sodas, beers, and house wines in the room fee.

The Observatory

The deck outside the lounge also serves as a viewing platform for ‘star gazers’. Thanks to low air and light pollution in this area, the ldoge provides you with a 5-million star view. A telescope is available on the observatory deck for a closer look at some of these star systems.

The Pool

Our pool has a view of the Semliki Wildlife Reserve in the plains below and under ‘normal’ circumstances, we have the sky and clouds above the lodge. But on some days, the lodge and the swimming pool appear to reside above the clouds. We believe the entire concept of the ‘infinity pool’ requires to be redefined.

The Fire Rings

The lodge features three fireplace areas to accommodate a variety of group sizes. The one in the lounge is utilized predominately during the rainy season, and the fireside outside serves the observatory deck. A more extensive fire ring near the swimming pool was designed to facilitate larger groups of up to 10 guests in its own secluded area. The firewood in use at the lodge comes from a nearby Eucalyptus forest cultivated specifically for commercial use.

The Bali Swing & Tree Viewpoint

Even though our guests are not likely going to get bored of the amazing views and relaxing atmosphere, we also offer a variety of activities to keep folks busy. Apart from the swimming pool, we also have a Bali swing and a tree viewpoint, offering amazing ‘Selfie’ opportunities. We also organize in-house tours to nearby National Parks and natural attractions.

Our Ambition

In all things we do, we have the preservation of our natural environments and the future of Uganda in mind. Come and join us on a tour of the ‘Lodge in the Sky’.